Check your fire alarms

Check your fire alarms


Mar. 08, 2019

Global Korean Post


Smoke alarms save lives. It is important to put smoke alarms in the right places in your home. You should also test them regularly to make sure that they work properly.


Effective March 1, 2006, it is the law for all Ontario homes to have a working smoke alarm on every storey and outside all sleeping areas. This covers single family, semi-detached and town homes, whether owner-occupied or rented.


Most fatal fires occur at night when people are sleeping and cooking is the number one cause of residential fires in Ontario.


A working smoke alarm will detect smoke and sound to alert you.


If you your alarms are more than 10 years old, please replace them with new ones.

You need to test and check the expiry date on their smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.


If you have a “worry-free” battery do not attempt to replace it.

These are lithium batteries that are sealed in the device and last the 10 years life of the alarm.

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