No-cost, expedited pardons for cannabis possession


No-cost, expedited pardons for cannabis possession


Mar. 01, 2019

Global Korean Post


On Feb. 27, the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, Ralph Goodale, will give notice of a bill to provide no-cost, expedited pardons for simple possession of cannabis.


On October 17, 2018, the Government announced its intention to table legislation which, when enacted, will allow individuals who were previously convicted only for simple possession of cannabis to immediately apply for a pardon, as long as they have completed their sentence.


The purpose of the Cannabis Act is to:

  • prevent youth from accessing cannabis
  • displace the illegal cannabis market

Protecting the health and safety of youth is a top priority. Be aware that the Cannabis Act establishes serious criminal penalties for those who sell or provide cannabis to youth. It also establishes a new offence and strict penalties for those who use youth to commit a cannabis offence.


In addition, the Act prohibits:

  • products that are appealing to youth
  • packaging or labelling cannabis in a way that makes it appealing to youth
  • selling cannabis through self-service displays or vending machines
  • promoting cannabis that could entice young people to use cannabis, except in narrow circumstances where it will not be seen by a young person

Under the Act, the legal sale of edible cannabis, cannabis extracts and cannabis topicals will be permitted no later than October 17, 2019. The expert Task Force on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation recommended that the Government of Canada permit the legal sale of these products once regulatory controls are put in place. Giving adults legal access to cannabis products will help to achieve the Government’s objective of displacing the illegal market and keeping profits out of the hands of criminals and organized crime.


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