Historic Hanoi Summit between Trump and Kim breaks down


Historic Hanoi Summit between Trump and Kim breaks down


Mar. 01, 2019

Global Korean Post


The U.S.A.-DPRK summit broke down, which was held in Hanoi, Vietnam where President Donald J. Trump met with Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) Chairman Kim Jong Un in 8 months for a second meeting.


On the first day of the Hanoi Summit, two leaders had one-on-one meeting for about 20 minutes and had dinner together in a good mood.

Unusually, however, their meeting was ended prematurely, so the next itineraries including luncheon and signing a joint agreement were cancelled.


President Trump and Secretary Pompeo stood at the press conference in Hanoi after the summit ended up.

Even though this summit ended up without fruitfulness, it seemed to be a productive time when the two leaders met over past two days.

“On North Korea, we just left Chairman Kim.  We had a really, I think, a very productive time.  We thought, and I thought, and Secretary Pompeo felt that it wasn’t a good thing to be signing anything.” said President Trump.

Captured video image of press conference by Global Korean Post

President Trump said that the atmosphere when he walked away from the negotiation table was very good and very friendly.

“This wasn’t a walk away, like you get up and walk out.  No, this was very friendly.  We shook hands.  You know, there’s a warmth that we have.”

“But it was a very interesting two days.  And I think, actually, it was a very productive two days.  But sometimes you have to walk, and this was just one of those times.”


In terms of denuclearization, President Trump revealed that two leaders brought many points up at the meeting, but Kim was not willing to take out the second uranium enrichment plant people didn’t know.

“We had to do more than just the one level.  Because if we did the one level, and we gave up all of that leverage that’s been taking a long time to build.”


Secretary Pompeo said, “He was unprepared to do that.  But I’m still optimistic.  I’m hopeful that the teams will get back together in the days and weeks ahead, and continue to work out what’s a very complex problem.”

“And I think as we continue to work on this in the days and weeks ahead, we can make progress so that we can ultimately achieve what it is that the world wants, which is to denuclearize North Korea, to reduce risk for the American people and the people all around the world.”


President Trump said, “President Moon is working very hard.  He’d love to see a deal and he’s been very helpful.”

Cheong Wa Dae is expecting brisk dialogue between both sides to continue.  “The (South) Korean government will do all it can to ensure that the United States and North Korea can maintain momentum for dialogue while continuing their close communication and cooperation.” said Cheong Wa Dae spokesperson Kim Eui-keyom on Feb. 28, expressed regret over the second North Korea-U.S. summit in Hanoi, Vietnam.

On the other hand, President Trump should face another problem from his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, who called him a liar, a conman, a racist at a hearing in Washington.

Trump told reporters, “He lied a lot, but it was very interesting because he didn’t lie about one thing.  He said no collusion with the Russian hoax.” “He only went about 95 percent instead of 100 percent.”

“But the fact is, there is no collusion.  And I call it the “witch hunt.”  This should never happen to another President.  This is so bad for our country.  So bad.”


By Global Korean Post


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