Ontario government is reinforcing the auto sector


Ford government launches reinforcing plan for the auto sector


Feb. 22, 2019

Global Korean Post


The Ontario government is reinforcing its commitment to the auto sector — it’s about being strategic, leveraging our collective resources and collaborating.


In the Canadian International AutoShow, Premier Doug Ford and Todd Smith, Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade, on Feb. 14, 2019  launched the Ontario government’s plan for the auto sector — Driving Prosperity: The Future of Ontario’s Automotive Sector.


The plan sets out a 10-year vision for how industry, the research and education sector, and all three levels of government, can work together to strengthen the auto sector’s competitiveness.


“Our government is committed to helping our partners in the auto industry grow and create good jobs,” said Ford. “Our Driving Prosperity plan will make sure Ontario’s auto sector is the best in the world — and stays that way for years to come.”

2019 캐나다 국제오토쇼, Canadian International AutoShow (Global Korean Post)

Ontario’s auto industry remains strong overall, with the province ranking as North America’s top auto-producing region for 2017, building almost 2.2 million vehicles.  But production has fallen 25% since 2000, and there is fierce global competition in the sector. Competition from U.S. states and Mexico, combined with technological disruption, are challenging governments and industry to act.

The province is an only province in Canada that builds cars and trucks with five automakers – Toyota, Honda, GM, Ford and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

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