Deep cracks and potholes are repaired following by Global Korea Post’s report

Deep cracks and potholes are repaired following by Global Korea Post’s report


April 12, 2012

Global Korean Post


Spring is coming!

However, we can find many pot holes on the roads after winter season, especially for the places where there is a lot of traffic.


Don Mills Rd, especially between Steeles Avenue and John Street in City of Markham is one of them.

The Global Korean Post found the road was dented with deep cracks and pot holes and they seemed enough to be dangerous to drivers.


Meanwhile, the Global Korean Post had an opportunity to talk with Mayor of City of Markham at a press conference held on March 26, that François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Infrastructure and Communities, announced funding for four major flooding and storm mitigation projects in the City of Toronto and the Regional Municipality of York.


On April 1, the Global Korean Post emailed about the exact location by the request of Mayor of Markham City.


After that, Mayor Scarpitti’s office forwarded the email to the Regional Municipality of York, which advised that Case #1867548 has been created.

On April 4, York Region responded to the Global Korean Post, “Regional road crews were onsite on April 4, 2019 to fill the potholes located on Don Mills Road…. As part of the Region’s ongoing road State of Good Repair maintenance programs, this section of Don Mills Road is scheduled to be rehabilitated in 2020.”

On April 16, the Global Korean Post confirmed that all the cracks and pot holes on the concerned area were filled.

When driving, drivers should be careful all the time and it is necessary to watch the surface on the roads, in order to prevent that their tires are not being damaged.


by Global Korean Post

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