Trudeau visits a senior centre to highlight Budget 2019


Trudeau visits a senior centre to highlight Budget 2019


April 5, 2019

Global Korean Post

All Canadian seniors deserve a secure and dignified retirement, free of financial worries.

After releasing Federal Budget 2019, the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau visited Scarborough, Ontario, and highlighted Budget 2019 measures to improve the quality of life for Canada’s seniors now, and for generations to come.

The Prime Minister had a time of talking with some seniors in a group.  There was no opportunity of press conference during his visit.

Through Budget 2019, the government is poy a more financially secure retirement. These measures include:

  • an increase to the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) earnings exemption so that low-income seniors who choose to keep working can keep more of their hard-earned income
  • pro-active enrollment in the Canada Pension Plan for contributors who are 70 years old or older to make sure they are receiving the pension payments they are entitled to
  • increased protection of workplace pensions earned by seniors in the event of corporate insolvency

To better support Canadians living with dementia and their families, Budget 2019 also proposes an investment of $50 million over five years to implement Canada’s first ever National Dementia Strategy. The strategy will seek to increase awareness and reduce stigma, develop treatment guidelines and best practices for early diagnosis, and help us better understand dementia and its effects on our communities.


In addition, Budget 2019 proposes increased funding for the New Horizons for Seniors Program to help seniors thrive and stay connected to their communities. The new funding would support projects in communities across the country, from providing fitness equipment for seniors’ centres, to offering financial literacy classes, to creating volunteer opportunities.


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