New Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to be built in Shawinigan


New Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to be built in Shawinigan


Feb. 08, 2019

Global Korean Post


Government of Canada announced the construction of new federal building in Shawinigan.


Federal government announced the construction of a new building on the current site of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) National Verification and Collections Centre (NVCC) in Shawinigan.


The new building, scheduled to start construction in 2022, will replace the current building, inaugurated in 1979. The project will include the construction of a new building, the demolition of the current building, and development of the parking lot. It will give NVCC employees a modern work environment that will accommodate the CRA’s new needs and that will meet the government’s new sustainable development requirements.


Over the coming weeks, the Government of Canada will launch calls for tender to specify the building’s design and layout. The call for tenders to select the business that will construct the building will be launched in 2021. Construction is expected to start in 2022 and be completed in 2024. Demolition of the current building and land development will take place afterwards.


The Government of Canada will perform the required work to maintain the integrity of the current building and ensure the health and safety of occupants and visitors until its demolition.


In line with the Federal Sustainable Development Strategy, the new building will be constructed in accordance with LEED-Gold energy-efficient standards, will have a lower carbon footprint than the current building, and will incorporate modern building construction and maintenance technologies.


The total usable space of the new building will be approximately 20,000 m², exceeding that of the current building (usable space of approximately 17,000 m²). However, its footprint will be smaller since it will include more floors.

The Canada Revenue Agency has occupied the building since 1979.

The some 1,600 employees who currently work in the existing building will be relocated to the new building. No temporary relocation of employees will be necessary during the work. This includes over 1,300 CRA employees, over 200 Employment and Social Development Canada employees, and a few Health Canada employees.

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