15,100 Unmarked Cigarettes seized


15,100 Unmarked Cigarettes seized


Feb. 08, 2019

Global Korean Post


Ministry of Finance investigators seized 15,100 unmarked cigarettes. One person has been charged under the Tobacco Tax Act.


As a result of an investigation, the ministry stopped and searched a vehicle and discovered 15,100 unmarked cigarettes. The cigarettes were seized and Tobacco Tax Act charges were laid.


Cigarettes sold in cartons or packages without Ontario’s yellow stamp are illegal, subject to certain exceptions.


Cigarettes sold in clear plastic bags are illegal, as is engaging in the tobacco business without the required permits.


In addition to court-imposed fines for contraventions of the Tobacco Tax Act, convicted individuals and businesses may be required to pay civil penalties.


From April 2017 to March 2018 Ontario recorded 172 Tobacco Tax Act convictions yielding fines of more than $2.8 million, 22 jail terms, 12 probation terms and two community service terms.



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