Next generation of innovation veiled at CES 2019



Next generation of innovation veiled at CES 2019


Jan. 10, 2019

Global Korean Post


Technology innovation across every major and emerging industry has been unveiled at CES 2019, including the latest in AI, 5G, entertainment, sports, automotive, resilience and smart cities.


CES is the global hub for innovation, owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), CES 2019 runs through Friday, January 11.


Dr. Lisa Su, president and CEO of AMD, took to the CES keynote stage Wednesday morning and announced the new Radeon VII processor. Available in February for $699, it’s the first 7nm processor built for gaming and ensures impeccable performances.


Later in the day, the “New Frontiers in Mobile” keynote gave attendees a glimpse into the future of 5G. MediaLink Chairman and CEO Michael Kassan kicked off the keynote by declaring to the crowd that “CES 2019 is, for all intents and purposes, the dawn of 5G.” Kassan was joined on stage by AT&T Communications CEO John Donovan and the two discussed AT&T’s efforts to make 5G a reality.


With 5G, carriers and mobile operators are transforming industries, enabling everything from smarter homes and businesses to self-driving cars.

Offering more reliable connectivity, 5G will allow global workers to more effectively collaborate to build breakthrough ideas.


In over 50 years, CES has launched more than 700,000 product launches.

CES showcases more than 4,500 exhibiting companies, including manufacturers, developers and suppliers of consumer technology hardware, content, technology delivery systems and more; a conference program with more than 250 conference sessions and more than 180K attendees from 150 countries.

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