Most popular names for babies revealed



Most popular names for girls and boys revealed


Dec. 13, 2018

Global Korean Post



What kind of names do parents prefer to make for their babies?


Celebrating the 100-year anniversary of recording baby names, Ontario government revealed the most popular names for girls and boys born in Ontario.


Marie and Joseph rank as the most popular names for girls and boys born in Ontario over the past 100 years.

Since the Roaring Twenties, Marie ranked as the most popular girls name for four decades, followed closely by Mary. Joseph ranked first in boy names over a 30-year period.


The most popular baby name for boys in 2017 was Noah, which replaced Benjamin, while Olivia remained the most popular baby name for girls.


Top girls names for 2017 are Olivia, Emma, Charlotte, Ava and  Amelia.


And top boys names are  Noah, Liam, Benjamin, William and Logan.


After naming their newborns, parents have up to 30 days to register their child’s birth.


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