Ontario ends Cap and Trade Carbon Tax


Ontario ends Cap and Trade Carbon Tax


Nov 3, 2018

Global Korean Post



Ontario government passed Bill 4, The Cap and Trade Cancellation Act.


On Wednesday, Oct. 31, Ontario says that the elimination of the cap and trade carbon tax will reduce gas prices, save the average family $260 per year, and remove a costly burden from Ontario businesses, allowing them to grow, create jobs and compete around the world.


“Ontario’s cap and trade carbon tax era is officially over.”,” said Rod Phillips, Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks.


It is written on Dough Ford’s twitter that unlike the Leader of the Opposition and the NDP, our government is committed to lowering taxes and reducing red tape to create good jobs and make Ontario Open for Business.


“Gas prices are now almost five cents per litre lower, and home heating bills are down $260 per year. Making life more affordable for families and businesses!” Doug Ford said.


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