Changes to IP laws would help a digital economy


Changes to IP laws would help a digital economy


Nov 3, 2018

Global Korean Post


The Government of Canada proposed legislative changes to implement its Budget 2018 commitments pertaining to intellectual property (IP) laws, including with regard to the Copyright Boardto better encourage innovation, attract investment and support an efficient and fair economy.


Building on recent consultations on reforms to the Copyright Board of Canada, the proposed changes to the Copyright Board are designed to improve the timeliness, predictability, and clarity of Board proceedings and to increase efficiency by allowing more direct negotiations between users and collective societies.


These changes would promote business investments and provide faster payments to musicians, writers and other content creators, in addition to reducing the cost of proceedings for all participants. They would better position our creators and cultural entrepreneurs to succeed and to continue producing and investing in high-quality Canadian content.


Other changes to IP laws would help drive innovation by clarifying acceptable behaviours and removing loopholes that allow individuals or organizations to use IP in bad faith for their own gain. The amendments would also create an independent body to oversee patent and trademark agents, to support the provision of quality advice from IP professionals, and to ensure that professional and ethical standards are maintained.


“Our government is taking action to help Canada’s hard-working innovators and creators protect their ideas and reap the full rewards of their hard work.  The changes we are proposing are a crucial part of our Innovation and Skills Plan and of Canada’s first-ever IP Strategy, which is designed to help Canadian innovators compete in an economy increasingly driven by IP and creativity.” said Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development.

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