Six Koreans finish their campaigns for 2018 Municipal Election

Clockwise from top left; Jasmine Kang, Harold Kim, Sonny Cho, Albert Kim, Winston Park, Chung Jin Park


Six Koreans finish their campaigns for 2018 Municipal Election


Oct. 27, 2018

Global Korean Post


2018 Municipal Election held on October 22, 2018 showed that many incumbent council members were elected successfully.


Especially in the Korean community, a total of 6 Koreans – 1 woman and 5 men – competed for the City Councillors over three different places.

It was the highest number of candidates who ran for the city’s council since after Ontario’s Minister of Senior Affairs Raymond Cho who was a Councilor in Toronto City for more than 10 years.

According to the election results, however, only one candidate won the 2018 Municipal election.

In the Town of Aurora with about 55,000 population, incumbent Councillor Harold Kim received 6,013 votes (10.75%), highest number among six successful councilors.

He told the Global Korean Post, “I am very surprised and happy with the election results. Not only did I get re-elected for Aurora Council but as the top vote getter, I am also the Deputy Mayor. It is quite satisfying to know that people were pleased with how I represented them these last 4 years and the work I did for the municipality that they would give me another mandate.”

His theme was a positive one.  He says that everyone that being positive and sticking with one’s vision for the future is always the best strategy…and not being overtly critical of others. He had a wife and a 13 year old daughter and 11 year old son.

In Toronto Ward 18-Willowdale with about 67,000 population, four male Koreans ran for the City Councillors. Sonny Cho who has received lots of support from the Korean community in the expectation that he could be the next councillor following by Minister Raymond Cho, former Councillor in Toronto. However, the voting result showed that he ranked in third place with 3,130 votes (12%).

In Markham Ward 1 with about 45,000 population, Jasmine Kang ran for the first Korean Councillor in Markham.  But, she received 447 votes (5.03%) among 8 candidates.

Recently, it is turned out that she has sustained a minor injury from a car accident on September 19th around at 5:30 p.m.  The accident was caused by a novice young driver with G2 license.

“I felt seriously through this accident that the road safety and safe driving are very important.” Jasmine said.


The tenure of newly elected council members will be continued until 2022.

2018 Municipal Election results by Korean candidate ⓒGlobal Korean Post



ⓒGlobal Korean Post


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