Province committing to strengthen relationship with Municipalities

Queen's Park (photo: Global Korean Post Photo)


Province committing to strengthen relationship with Municipalities


Sept 3, 2018

Global Korean Post


Ontario’s Government for the People reinforced its partnership with municipalities by signing a joint memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO).


The first memorandum of understanding between Ontario and AMO was signed in 2001.


The memorandum of understanding, signed by Steve Clark, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, and Lynn Dollin, AMO President, sets out the principles and procedures of how the Province consults with AMO on provincial legislation or regulations that have a significant impact on municipalities.


The signing of the agreement, one year ahead of its renewal date, sets the stage for continued co-operation between the two levels of government.

“As a former mayor of Brockville and a past AMO president, I look forward to working closely with municipalities across Ontario,” said Clark. “Together, we’ll work to make life better for all Ontarians.”

“It is good to see that MOU renewal is a priority. It has proven its worth across three previous administrations. It works,” said Lynn Dollin, outgoing AMO President and Deputy Mayor of Innisfil.


“Everyone agrees that decision-makers need to look past Queen’s Park and see the big picture, right across a very big province,” said Jamie McGarvey, incoming AMO President and Mayor of Parry Sound.

“AMO provides an important bridge between the provincial government and Ontario’s municipal governments. The MOU agreement is a key foundation in our shared relationship.”


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