Stricter rules announced for users of Seoul’s Hangang Park

Stricter rules announced for users of Seoul’s Hangang Park


May 3, 2019

Global Korean Post


By Kang Gahui and Lee Jihae

Hangang Park is a popular place in Seoul to enjoy sunny weather that is loved by both locals and foreigners alike. The Hangang Project Headquarters of the Seoul Metropolitan Government, however, has released stricter rules that all park users must follow.

Visitors can now set up tents in 13 designated areas at the 11 zones comprising the park as opposed to anywhere in the grass plaza before. A fine of up to KRW 1 million is imposed on anyone who props up a tent outside permissible areas.

In addition, a tent must measure 2×2 meters or smaller and have at least two openings. Violators will be fined KRW 1 million for the first offense, KRW 2 million for the second and KRW 3 million for the third; the latter amount is the maximum fine.

Tents can be used from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., meaning visitors have to pack up two hours earlier than before.

Those with pets must use a leash or face a fine of KRW 50,000. Failure to clean up a pet’s feces will incur a fine of KRW 70,000.

Littering incurs a fine of KRW 30,000 KRW, illegal parking KRW 50,000, noise violations or drunken behavior KRW 70,000, damaging trees or flowers KRW 100,000 and fishing in unauthorized areas KRW 500,000.

The city also announced a heightened crackdown on violations committed in and streamlined management of the park to ensure a proper environment for the public.

To encourage people not to litter in the park, municipal authorities will initiate civic campaigns to reduce litter and encourage “plogging (pick up and jogging),” which has participants pick up trash while jogging in the park.



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