Official International Reserves

Official International Reserves


May 3, 2019

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– All 2019 Official International Reserves –

The Department of Finance Canada announced today that Canada’s official international reserves increased by an amount equivalent to US$1,431 million during April to US$84,832 million. This was driven by reserves management funding operations (US$1,648 million)1 and a net loss in investments (-US$217 million).2

Details on the level and composition of Canada’s reserves as of April 30, 2019, as well as the major factors underlying the change in reserves, are provided below. All figures are in millions of US dollars unless otherwise noted.

Note: Official international reserve figures for March 29, 2019 were revised down due to the inclusion of yet to be realized interest on SDR holdings.


  1. Net change in securities and deposits resulting from foreign currency funding activities of the Government. Foreign reserves are managed under an asset-liability matching framework. Therefore, when a foreign currency liability matures, assets are used to repay the principal, leading to a decrease in reserves. During April, Canada bills increased by US$738.8 million to a level of outstanding bills of US$2,758.9 million. An equivalent of US$1,312.2 million in cross-currency swaps was raised while US$403.3 million in cross-currency swaps matured during the month.
  2. Net investment gains and losses include return on investments, foreign currency debt charges and revaluation effects.
  3. “Return on investments” comprises US$100 million of interest earned on investments and a US$173 million decrease in the market value of securities.
  4. “Revaluation effects” reflect changes in the market value of reserve assets resulting from movements in exchange rates.
  5. “Net government operations” are the net purchases of foreign currency for government foreign exchange requirements and for additions to reserves.
  6. “Foreign currency securities” include maturities of foreign currency debt, cross-currency swap payments and an estimate of interest payments on foreign currency liabilities.
  7. “Securities lent under repurchase agreements” are included in total reserves. Collateral provided in securities lending transactions is not included in total reserves.
  8. Cash invested under repurchase agreements is included in total reserves. Collateral provided in securities lending transactions is not included in total reserves.

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