US political scientist thanks President Moon for his patience, tolerance


US political scientist thanks President Moon for his patience, tolerance


Nov. 27, 2018

Global Korean Post


By Yoon Sojung

A U.S. political scientist picked President Moon Jae-in as one of the 10 things in the world to be thankful for this year.

In the column published on Nov. 21, the day before American Thanksgiving, titled “10 Things in the world to be thankful for in 2018,” Professor of Harvard University Stephen M. Walt said that “I’m thankful South Korean President Moon is so patient, level-headed, and able to keep his eyes on the big picture.”

Professor Walt said that “Moon has repeatedly shown creativity, courage, flexibility, persistence, and a willingness to take intelligent risks in pursuit of peace,” while mentioning that it would not be easy for South Korea to have its fate at least partly dependent on what North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and U.S. President Donald Trump wish to pursue.

“It would be nice if the U.S. president would give him some help in that regard,” he added.

In the article, the writer also picked America’s remarkable geopolitical good fortune. U.S. civil servants who work every day and try to serve the public’s interest, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel for showing a “steady, smart, knowledgeable, principled” leadership as some of the ten things in the world to be thankful for.

Meanwhile, Monocle wrote about first lady Kim that “Her natural affability stands in stark contrast to her predecessors.”

In the article titled “The other Half” on Nov. 21, Megan Gibson wrote that “Kim has become cheerleader-in-chief for Korean soft power on the international stage.”

“Her musical background has also come in handy for nurturing relationships close to home,” said the writer.

Mentioning Kim’s nickname “Jolly Lady” for her friendliness and outgoing personality, the writer said that, “The convention-upturning incumbent, who defied society by proposing marriage to her husband, has been credited with reinventing the role of first lady.”

The article also picked a scene of first lady Kim hugging North Korean first lady Ri Sol Ju at the Inter-Korean Summit as the most memorable photo-op.



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